vastu expert in home
vastu expert in home

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Vastu Shastra Vastu means "Building" and "Shastra" means "science". Vastu Shastra is a time tested & proven system of architecture & interior design based on the relationship between man and his environment. It is based on the Knowledge of our great sages that a structure's shape and orientation affects the energies which flow through it, and in turn, be beneficial or detrimental to its occupants. The ancient vedas (knowledge) and Shastra (science) books mention about various techniques about the human life and its relation with the universe. Vastu Shastra is more than a science, its a part of human life since eternity. It has been adopted by every dynasty in India since centuries.

vastu expert in india

Acharya Chhaya Goyal

Vaastu Acharya Chhaya Goyal is an internationally acclaimed Vaastu Advisor with more than 20 years of extensive Vaastu consultancy experience

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Best Online Vastu Consultant

Eshaan Garg

Eshaan Garg is a world-renowned Vaastu Expert. He is one of the best vastu expert and the most precious gems of our Vaastu team

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Best Vastu expert Nepal

Mahendra Shrestha

Mahendra Shrestha, a certified vastu consultant is a core part of Team- Vaastu Devayah Namah.

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Acharya Chhaya Goyal

Founder Vaastu Devayah Namah

Vaastu Acharya Chhaya Goyal is an internationally acclaimed Vaastu Advisor with more than 20 years of extensive Vaastu consultancy experience. A prominent face in the field of Vaastu, Acharya Chhaya Goyal uses her expertise to lend a hand to those seeking professional Vaastu consultancy services. Her deep understanding lies in the application of Vaastu to the process of creating serenity, hence leading to peace, prosperity and success in life.

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Vastu consultants at Vaastu Devayah Namah are creating a positive ambience for living and for the purpose of wealth, prosperity and happiness while practicing only relevant, time tested, profound and effective techniques to fill our personal spaces with vibrant, positive & revitalised energy. Vastu balancing involves respect and balance of five elements, earth, water, fire, air and sky. It is very important for the well being.

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Effective Vastu Solutions,
No Superstition, No Frills, No Demolition

Our team of Best Vastu experts keep total scientific approach and combine all five elements of nature – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether and align them to achieve with personal requirements, creating a harmony to achieve health, wealth and prosperity. Our team of highly experienced Vastu consultants are well equipped to provide 100% result oriented online Vastu advise effectively across the globe. No-frills and no-demolition space balancing techniques of Vaastu Devayah Namah along with scientific & logical solutions help provide optimum output of their efforts to the clients.

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Residential Vaastu Consultation

It is important to keep the energies of our Home pure & positive with the help of Vastushastra to ensure growth and prosperity. This energy is the fuel for your mind & body and Vaastu helps to restore the proper energy flow in order to have enough strength for pursuing your objectives.

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Vaastu Advice for Work Place

Vaastu plays a very important role everywhere and shapes up your business as per the its energy. Ranging from a small shop to a huge multiplex, or Corporate Office, the objective of business remains the same, i.e. to earn profits.

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Online Vastu Consultation

Vaastu Devayah Namah is providing Online Vastu Consultation across the world, which helps you avail the benefits of scientific Vaastu Shastra, without any demolition. Our world renowned professional Vaastu Consultants aim at spreading the aura of Vastu Shastra across the globe, thus they devised this simple, yet effective method of Online Vaastu Consultation which is gaining popularity worldwide.

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Commercial Vastu

The application of Vastu principles is observed and experienced in all spaces. Be it our Corporate offices, Commercial complexes, our workplace, Malls, Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Salons, Banks or financial institutions, Town Planning etc.

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Industrial Vastu

Team Vaastu Devayah Namah has one of the best Industrial Vastu consultant across the world, Acharya Chhaya Goyal. She is highly skilled & experienced in Industrial Vastu practices. She is associated with Many Business groups having resolved their...

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Why to consult a Vaastu Expert?

Moving into a new home, be it a home or a commercial space, is like a dream come true for everyone. Any space built by one's own efforts, decides the path to success & abundance, according to the Vastu compliance of the space. For most people, this move is generally possible once or twice in their lifetime as it involves lots of resources in terms of time, efforts, money and skills. One always wants to ensure that their new space brings them a healthy, prosperous & successful life full of abundance in every sphere. Sometimes, for few, the actual experience is completely opposite. Often it happens in many of the cases, people do mention that shifting to a new home has been life transforming but negatively. This happens majorly due to the misalignment of Vastu Shastra in that particular space.

Thus, one must take due consideration of Vastu Shastra guidelines and ensure the space is Vastu balanced before moving into any new space. To comply with Vastu, we should seek professional Vastu consultation to achieve perfection and be benefited instead of trying our hands, with half baked knowledge gained from the internet or other sources which are generally myths or without any scientific basis. A genuine and learned Vastu Expert programmes your space as per Vastu in accordance with your requirements.

How Vastu Shastra helps?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient & scientific tool which allows us to utilize the maximum benefits destined for us. The blockages, challenges, wastage of efforts are caused majorly due to certain unknown Vastu Doshas (Vastu defects) in the building. In simple words, if the building is not designed or balanced as per Vastu Shastra, the sole purpose of the building may not be achieved to its fullest.

By simply aligning the location of various activities, objects, & colours as per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra (without any demolition or reconstruction) in accordance with the purpose of the space, we can easily achieve the desired results and goals without many roadblocks. For example - In a residence, if the bed & sleeping position of a person is planned in a positive direction as per Vastu Shastra, in compliance with the profession and age of the person, he or she can yield amazing benefits from Vaastu compliance.

Similarly, if the fire element, i.e. the kitchen of the house is planned as per Vastu Shastra, it would be a great support in maintaining the required cash flow in the house. Toilet locations at the right location or otherwise given proper Vastu treatment would ensure positive attributes of the directions are not drained off.


Yes, Online Vastu consultancy is possible if an accurate 'To the Scale' building plan and exact Northing can be made available. Results will vary for personal as well as online Vastu consultation, if these two information are not correct. Vaastu Devayah Namah experts are providing online Vastu consultancy services to its oversees patrons since many years making full utilisation of technology.
Vastu Principles are well thought of, researched, tested and proven to be true for many centuries now. There is not even a single exception to prove that Vastu is not logical or effective. The way two atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen combined together will always make water, similarly Vastu principles when followed diligently will always be effective in establishing the harmony with nature.
Vastu is all about living in harmony with nature. There are absolutely no side effects of following Vastu principles. The way, the first rule to keep a healthy body is to consume healthy food, similarly it is necessary to keep the energies of our homes and workplace pure & positive to attract health. wealth and prosperity.
Yes. it is very much possible to remove Vastu Dosha even from already constructed building that too without any demolition or deconstruction. Vastu solutions as practiced by Team Vastu Devayah Namah, is a set of inexpensive, simple and easy to apply practical techniques. The results are usually felt in real time.
Vastu, a science and an art of establishing harmony of five elements, Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether in your surroundings. These five elements are base of everything we see, feel & smell. Vastu is an old Indian traditional system which have proven its authenticity and relevance since centuries and has become more relevant today due to constricting spaces and sedentary lifestyle..
Yes, It is very much possible to eliminate Vastu dosha without any deconstruction or demolition. Indeed, Vastu Shastra doesn't recommend any demolition on the name of Vastu dosha removal. Simple relocations, alignments and colour therapies and space purifying techniques can do wonderful improvement in the lives of the occupants of the property, be it a residence. workplace or Industry.
An experienced Vastu consultant can judge the Vastu Doshas in the home or office of a person just by his questions and concerns. But it is important to analyse the property precisely to advise effective, result giving Vastu solutions. For this purpose, a perfect 'To the scale' map of property and accurate orientation (direction) is the minimum requirement. Team Vaastu Devayah Namah has a vast experience of fetching these details precisely which makes them deliver perfect solutions to balance the Vastu of any property worldwide.

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